“The share beauty is breathtaking! Rolling hills, punctuated by sharp snow-capped mountains and flat, grassy plains. The birds’ symphony added to the simplicity of it all. Nonetheless, sharp corners do require hard paddles, and adrenaline rushes as the steep cliff-sides race ever closer to the raft. These great surges of excitement took us out of the tranquility and into the intensity of the moment!”

Jojo – France – yoga instructor



“To the great rafting team. I don’t really know how to explain such a trip to an outsider. It has highs, lows, pain and pleasure. But at the end of the 219.5km paddle, it was such an exhilarating experience that the tough sections were quickly forgotten. It was an experience of a lifetime. The Leadership coaching is a must for anyone in business. I have been to many business courses, and this was the best I have been to by far. It is a must for anyone wanting to improve their business. It is SOOOO good I will be sending my key staff on the next one, and doing it myself again next year. I can’t thank Matt, Ellis and Mike enough.”

Andrew Taylor – Brisbane, Australia – company director

Andrew Taylor


“Our leaders have this amazing ability to get people to just tip-toe out of their comfort zone and establish an enhanced sense of confidence in themselves. There is something very rewarding about pushing your own personal limits, and this trip is designed to allow anyone at any level to push their limits while still feeling safe. I cannot recommend this incredible expedition enough, as it is so spectacular on so many levels. If you ever get the chance, don’t think twice about it! Thank you so much for the amazing experience and I look forward to doing another expedition with you in the future! Peace, Love, & Happiness.” 

Colin – Colorado, USA – outdoor rec



“The experience from the rafting trip has given me real clarity and perspective on how to implement different ideas and process to get the best out of my business. The success is speaking for itself, giving me more time to focus on the business. “When is the next rafting trip guys?”

Wade Bachmann – Brisbane, Australia – business owner

Leadership Coaching


“On this trip you will have one of the best life experiences you can wish for, so much fun, laughter, serious moments, quiet times, to jaw dropping OMG!!! moments. For those people who think their life is all in order & perfect, it isn’t, until you go on one of these Clarence River Rafting trips with Adventure Leadership Expeditions. To see New Zealand’s back country is a chance that very few people get to see. You are in for such a treat as each bend, curve, twist, turn of this river, with its opportunities to see wild animals and birds pass you by. What you read about the sitting around a campfire at night, this happens except here in NZ you can see the stars. I had such an amazing time on this trip. It will challenge you but most of all you will have such amazing memories – you can’t stop smiling to yourself at the fun that you have had. If you get a chance to go – GO!!!!!”

Brent – New Zealand – fireman & photographer


“When I first started the expedition I was debating if adventure and business would mix, by day 2 I was very surprised how open and receptive I was to be very relaxed during our rafting trips, and yet very alert and responsive to absorbing the business ideas, experience and wisdom from both the course leaders as well as the real life experience from my rafting pairs. I can honestly say I left the trip with a real sense of personal development, but more important, I left the trip with more ambition for my business as well as enthusiasm to develop my personal growth, the peace, the sense of calmness, and relaxation on the river mixed with the surrounding elements and views, has developed an anchor in my mind that has associated the personal business development with a memorable moment, this all may sound a little hairy fairy, but believe it is true.”

George Roberts – Christchurch – director



“I was surprised how fast a group of 22, of all ages and backgrounds, gelled so well together as a team. I would say that after 7-days on the river we were like one big family. I highly recommend this trip to anyone regardless of age, physical fitness or rafting experience. I’ve been travelling around the world for nearly 2 years and so far this is the highlight of my whole trip. Thanks a lot!”

Jarmo – Finland, IT



“Seven days on the Clarence River – this trip was truly a once in a life time experience, it’s not like any other “attraction” “tour” or “guided trip” I have ever seen. It was real. And I am so thankful to be a part of it. If you are seeking new experiences and perspectives on life, go for it. Just know that you won’t return the same person as you left. It’s magical!”

Jessica – Charleston, USA



“…. and what followed over the course of the next seven days was nothing short of extraordinary. Far and away the best experience I have ever had! From the excitement of the first rapid to the lazy days, swimming or sunbathing, coffee, breakfast, desserts, wine, to the laughter and hilarious dancing around the campfire at night; this group bonded and formed friendships like few I’ve ever seen. There is a delicate balance here, but the crew is very skilled at walking this line, ensuring that the trip is exciting and new for each individual, but also that people aren’t pushed too far. This is what made the trip so memorable; watching people shed their fears and support each other and the friendships that were made.” 

Hans – Seattle, USA


“Brent & I joined on this 7 day rafting expedition down the Clarence River. We were with a group of 13 people from all over the world. On day one we exchanged polite conversation and on the last day of our trip, when we came to leave to go home, those farewell hugs were the tightest and longest you will ever receive. We were very sad to see our new best friends go, but we all know that we will be welcome to visit each other for coffee at their home one day.”

Shirley – New Zealand, St John’s ambulance officer


“This was the best trip that we have ever done. We spent seven incredible and most exciting days on the beautiful Clarence River, together with amazing likeminded people. We learned so much and changed our path in life because of it. I can hardly describe the stunning mountain views and the amazing time we had. Just awesome … we will do it again!”

Steffen – Germany




“Spending 7-days on the Clarence was the biggest adventure I have had in all of my 28 years! The days down the river were filled with song, jokes and even yoga. Nights around the campfire were packed full of great stories, new lessons and life experiences and heaps of the best food anyone could ask for. Such an epic experience!”

Andi – Savannah Georgia, USA, traveler




“The river is stunningly beautiful, twisting and turning through a wild and natural evolving landscape. Floating along in absolute peace and tranquility alternates with some challenging rapids and bends to get everyone working as a team. Fantastic guides and trip leaders, their warmth, positive energy, insight and humor make the trip unforgettable. Going to sleep and waking up to the sounds of the river was heavenly and the sunsets, sunrises and time on the Clarence was food for my soul….. I can’t wait to do it again…..!”

Juliet – United Kingdom, skipper & ski instructor




“Oh, if only words could do this experience justice. As we set out on our seven day adventure, I could have never expected what became of our time on the river. I will admit, I had my concerns – to set into an expedition such as this is to take a leap of faith and hold on tight. Our days were filled with adventure, laughter, stories, songs, fishing, swimming, rafting and don’t forget learning! I created relationships and bonds with others on the trip unlike any others in my life. There is something magical in the water, through those untouched mountains. The misty mornings, warm nights around the campfires and everything in between lead to an unforgettable, invigorating life experience.”

Tawny – Colorado, USA, wilderness field instructor



“The time we spent on the Clarence was exciting but still easy and comfortable enough for beginners, but it still pushed me to learn new things and deal with and solve problems I had no experience with. Rafting the Clarence wasn’t just about getting on a floatation device with a bunch of other people. It was waking up and having breakfast every morning as the sun would peek its head out from the mountains. It was gearing up and working as a team to take down camp and bring everything back to the rafts. It was getting warmed up for the day by playing games and stretching and hopping on to paddle our ways down the river. Every day at lunch we would pick a lovely spot to land…. hop off and work as a team to gather wood for fire and make lunches together. Every night when we would pick the most perfect campsite, or hut. Everyone knew exactly what they needed to do, and what they wanted to do! All of a sudden our days were not filled with checking emails or charging phones, but now we had a completely full schedule of tasks to do that really meant something! It felt like we became a family on the first night. The dynamics of our group were incredible too, as we had everything from couples to singles, and people who spoke all different languages and came from all different parts of the world. Everyone in our group had such different outlooks on life and amazing things to share with each another. The amazing part is that, this group, only happens once! It is what it is and that’s what makes it so valuable. Each and every group of people will bring such beautiful dynamics to the trip that every adventure is a completely different than the last. Every day was just as it was meant to be and we all learned so much from each other. It is nothing to be afraid of, and something everyone should try at least once in your lifetime. This trip has been one of my most memorable things I have ever done.”

Kayla – Vancouver, Canada, travel agent



“I have never had so much fun with a group of likeminded people before. I arrived on my own and spent the next week with a group of new friends I just met. I really wanted an adventure, something different from the standard programme – and that is exactly what I got! The 7 days were tough but hugely rewarding, the scenery around every bend was stunning. There were some long days but everyone worked so well together. The paddling flew by and in the evenings we camped in some stunning places along the river. We ate awesome food every night and spent evenings around the campfire and just generally having a great time and getting to know some really amazing people. I could not recommend this trip enough. Incredible people, their positive, fun and adventurous personalities are contagious. If you are thinking about doing it, don’t think. Just do it! It will definitely be the best experience you will have in NZ.”

Harry – Wiltshire, United Kingdom, entrepreneur



 “It is the lives that we encounter that make life worth living!”