How many people will be on the Adventure Leadership Youth Programme?

The programme requires a minimum number of 12 people. We can take a maximum of 40. This includes students and accompanying adults (parents and teachers). There will be 1 experienced senior lead river guide on the expedition, along with a highly qualified river guide on each raft. In addition to this, there will be 1 – 2 coaches running the leadership programme. 


Why use an expedition format for the leadership programme?

An expedition format naturally fosters teamwork and interdependence. The physical challenging nature of the expedition encourages personal growth, confidence and leadership. The remote location allows participants to disconnect from the distractions of the outside world, reflecting on the important issues in life, thus achieving clarity and focus on the things that matter most. 


What fitness level is required?

A moderate level of fitness is required. This means that you need to be healthy enough to spend 6-days in the outdoors. Strength is less of an issue as most of the work on the rafts is done in teams. Expect to be on the river for between 4 to 5 hours each day. Most of the time it is easy paddling or we are floating with the current, however there are intense bursts of effort needed at times.


What happens if I have special dietary needs?

Option A: The trip is fully catered, with great food and beverage. All meals are prepared by our qualified and experienced river guides. Please note it will be part of the expedition experience that the students take turns to be involved in the planning and preparing of food. If you have any allergies or special needs, please let us know in advance so that we can cater accordingly for you. 

Option B: The trip is self-catered, the responsibility of dietary needs is yours. However, our guides are more than happy to assist in food preparation.

Please note all meals will be cooked over an open fire or in camp ovens. We are happy to assist with food planning in the event you choose to self-cater.


What equipment will I need?

We provide all rafting and safety equipment necessary for the expedition. In addition we can provide camping equipment to include tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags (the sleeping bags come with removable, washable liners) to fill any shortfall you may have. However we encourage you to bring any of your own camping equipment. In addition, all you are required to bring is your clothing and personal items. A gear list for the expedition will be provided to you upon your booking confirmation. There is little need to pack light as the rafts will carry a lot of weight, so you can enjoy the journey in comfort.


What is the river like?

The Clarence River is NOT known for its massive wave-trains and death defying rapids. It is rather known for its length, remoteness, tranquil yet rugged scenery, its untouched wilderness, and abundant wildlife.

The Clarence River is classed as a grade 2 – 3, rafting trip, depending on river flow. This means the rapids, while being fun and exciting, are not technical or dangerous. Should any of the rapids concern any student or accompanying adult, you will always have the choice to walk around at any time.

The river is easy, yet playful. There are times when your participation will be required and there are times when you can relax and take in the magnificent scenery.

During the entire 220 km expedition we will travel by nothing more than the rivers energy and our own physical abilities. To achieve this we will have to be self-sufficient and well prepared.


How safe is the rafting expedition?

The Clarence River is one of the safest, yet longest commercially rafted rivers in New Zealand. We have an impeccable safety record and all our river guides are NZ Rafting Association qualified. Our senior river guides have years of experience on the Clarence River.

A full safety briefing will be given at the river before we begin our journey.

Because of the remoteness of the expedition, there is no cellphone coverage. However, at all times we will carry satellite phones and there are two helicopter operators, at either end of the river, that can access any point on the river, in the event of an emergency. 

We will make daily contact to our base to check for weather and river updates, along with any urgent incoming messages. 


What impact does the expedition have on the environment?

Our whole team is extremely passionate about the Clarence River system and its ecology. We do our utmost on these expeditions to conserve and protect this delicate environment, its natural beauty and native flora and fauna.

Our philosophy is that we take only photographs and leave only footprints. We appreciate your co-operation in this.