The Adventure Leadership Expeditions Corporate programme is a unique and exciting educational initiative. It combines challenging environments with practical hands-on learning and application in the outdoors.

Drawing on a wide range of neurosciences, we use the latest insights into the human brain to provide you with practical skills and tools that simply work.

Exceptionally talented and trustworthy leaders will always be in high demand in order to efficiently and effectively guide their team. Education and application is paramount to achieving this.

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The Adventure

*   7-days of physical, mental and emotional challenges, with massive rewards.  (note one extra day either side, needs to be allowed for domestic transfers)

*   A journey of 220kms by raft, down one of New Zealand’s longest and remotest wilderness rivers.

*   Powerful and life changing.

*   Team building and educational.

*   A genuine sense of achievement.

*   For many this will be the adventure of the year – for some a life time.

*   A moderate level of fitness and a great attitude is all that is required.

*   No previous rafting experience is necessary.

*   A safe, exciting and highly professional educational expedition.



Corporate Expedition Price

Adventure Leadership price


*   GST in New Zealand is plus 15%.

*   This programme is tax deductible for all businesses.

*   You may be eligible for corporate sponsorship.



Our Team

Spend 7-days learning from our experienced and inspiring expedition leaders:

*   Mike Catton  –  award winning trainer and coach. 

*   Ellis Emmett  –  adventurer, TV celebrity, public speaker, entrepreneur, business owner and author. 



The Learning

*   Adventure Leadership Expeditions is not a squeeze-more-in programme. Each expedition has strictly limited numbers and there are only a few expeditions run each season. 

*   This is for leaders and business owners seeking new knowledge and learning outside the norm.

*   There is no manual. It is about finding out who you are and how brilliant you can be.

*   Increase your self-confidence and awareness.

*   Team building and bonding.

*   Network with an awesome peer group of likeminded business leaders.

*   Become more effective as a leader in your personal and business life.

*   Take some YOU TIME – clear your mind, refocus and refine your life strategies.

*   Imagine – no phone, no email, no distractions . . . NO STRESS.



What Is Included In Your Investment

*   the expedition begins and ends in Christchurch city 

*   pick up, transfers Christchurch to Hanmer Springs

*   1 nights 5-star accommodation in Hanmer Springs

*   the adventure of a life time

*   professional and experienced river guides to ensure your safety

*   all rafting and safety equipment

*   all camping equipment

*   fully catered meals and beverage

*   training materials and other goodies

*  A set of professional quality photographs from the expedition.

*   leadership coaching by our team leaders

*   1 nights luxury accommodation in Kaikoura

*   pick up, transfers Kaikoura to Christchurch



The Philosophy

It is has been scientifically proven that spending extended periods in the outdoors, surrounded by nature, calms the mind and de-stresses the body. Combining an element of adventure in these surroundings further assists in boosting mental performance, creativity and clarity through a heightened state of awareness, learning and openness.

Our mission is to challenge, inspire and engage you on all levels. We will provide you with the latest tools and strategies, allowing new visions to come into focus. We will push back current boundaries, making way for fresh innovative goals and dreams for your future.

Adventure Leadership Expeditions specializes in assisting people to become the very best they can be, thus bringing out the very best in those around them. We pride ourselves in creating better people, better working environments, better communities and ultimately a better world to live in.



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 “Most of the things that we take for granted in life someone else is praying for.”